Lviv clinical bulletin 2023, 1(41): 41-50

Daily Being and Edible Products for Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden – the First Model of a Healthy Lifestyle According to God’s Instructions (Intelligence Based on the Results of Reading the Book of Genesis from the Holy Scriptures)

V. Ruden

Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University

Introduction. An axiom for current spiritual life of a person is the fact that since the fall of Adam and Eve in Eden, a certain evolution in the social life of people caused gradual shortening of their lifespan. With this regard an attempt was made to figure out which elements of lifestyle and edible products of mankind progenitors – Adam and Eve in Eden – influenced the  duration of human life on the Earth.

The aim of the srudy. Clarification of God’s instructions to the progenitors of mankind – Adam and Eve – about mode of everyday life and food consumption in Eden as God’s first option for a healthy lifestyle and evidence the importance of these instructions for the duration of life and human health in the XXI century.

Materials and methods. The epidemiological, one-time, continuous study of the Holy Scriptures was carried out using several scientific, epidemiological, and historical research methods, taking into account the principles of systematicity.

Results. It was found out that for the first people created by the Lord God, who were settled in the Garden of Eden, the Creator of the Universe established daily guidelines for living and edible products, which they consistently followed for seven years.

The mode of life and nutrition standards established by God allowed Adam and Eve to have excellent spiritual and physical strength, bright mind, pure heart, and good will, to live in harmony with the surrounding plant and animal world, and to be able to see and communicate with God, who enlightened and developed their mind and protected them with His grace, and they completely mastered the Lord’s sciences.

As revealed the violation of the mode of life established by the Lord through food products “became the cornerstone” in the further coexistence of the first people with God, which led them to fall into sin.

It is argued that when God, the Creator of the Universe, angered by such behavior of Adam and Eve, drastically changed their location, lifestyle, and way of food consumption, dooming them and the next human race to disease, old age, and death. The Creator of the World also changed his own man-made object – land – on the environment of the plant and animal world.

Conclusions. The Lord’s instructions to the mankind progenitors – Adam and Eve in Paradise – about mode of their living and edible products should be interpreted taking into consideration modern crisis of both individual and public health as the first model of a healthy lifestyle for a person according to the instructions of God. Regarding Ukraine, the Christian country, 67.9 % citizens of which consider themselves believers, and 62.3 % profess Orthodoxy, the observance of these commandments of God remains crucial obcion.


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