Lviv clinical bulletin 2018, 1(21)-2(22): 46-56

Peculiarities of Calcium-Phosphorus Metabolism and Bone State in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis: Diagnosis and Principles of Differential Treatment (Literature Rewiev and Clinical Case Description)

N. Drobinska, O. Abrahamovych, U. Abrahamovych, M. Farmaha

Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University

Introduction. The disorders of calcium-phosphorus metabolism and bone tissue state, which are the main cause of spontaneous fractures and motor activity disorders in patients with liver cirrhosis, they require deeper understanding of etiology and pathogenesis, the use of laboratory-instrumental methods of diagnosis, taking into account risk factors and prescribing of the effective treatment to improve the quality of life. Conducting the additional studies will give impetus to the search for new methods of treatment of not only individual nosolenias, but also co- and polymorbid diseases and will help to reduce the effect of radiation from the use of medications. Aim. To make the literature review devoted to the peculiarities of calcium-phosphorus metabolism and the state of bones in patients with liver cirrhosis, methods of diagnostics and the principles of differentiated treatment, to describe the clinical case.

Materials and Methods. The content analysis, the method of system and comparative analysis, the bibliosemantic method of studying the actual scientific studies of the peculiarities of calcium-phosphorus metabolism and the state of bones in patients with liver cirrhosis, methods of diagnostics and the principles of differentiated treatment are described.

Results. The review of the literature shows the importance and urgency of the problem of studying calcium-phosphorus metabolism and the state of bone tissue in patients with cirrhosis of the liver. Mechanisms leading to pathological changes in bone tissue in such patients has been insufficiently studied. Nevertheless, there are number of common factors affecting bone metabolism: malformation of calcium and vitamin D, vitamin K deficiency, hormonal disregulation, cytokine release, insulin-like growth factor 1 (IFR-1) deficiency, etc. All efforts in the treatment are aimed at minimizing the loss of bone mass, preventing the fractures and kneading bone pain. First of all, it’s important to persuade the patient to stop smoking and drink alcohol, exercise regularly, and maintain a balanced diet with high levels of calcium and vitamin D. In the described clinical case, the patient with cirrhosis of the liver is diagnosed with osteoporosis confirmed by ultrasound densitometry and examination of calcium-phosphorus metabolism and bone tissue state by measuring the content of total calcium, ionized calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, parathyroid hormone and markers of bone metabolism (b- crossLaps, P1NP, osteocalcin).

Conclusions. The study of the state of calcium-phosphorus metabolism and the state of bone tissue in patients with liver cirrhosis requires the use of safe and informative diadynamic methods that will be used at any stage of the disease and will help in choosing the therapeutic tactics.


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