Lviv clinical bulletin 2022, 3(39)-4(40): 40-44

Colonization of new and reused dental implant healing abutments by oral microbiota during implantation period

V. Vovk1, 2, M. Panas1, M. Sobchyshyn3, P. Kriukov2

Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University1

Dental medical center Bioimplantservice2

Aesthetic dentistry clinic PERFECTDENT3

Introduction. Reuse of implant healing abutments is common in dental practice, mainly due to economical reasons.

The aim of the study. To analyze and compare the colonization of new and reused dental implant healing abutments by oral microbiota in patients subjected to dental implantation.

Materials and methods. 4 groups, 20 patients, 36 healing abutments were examined using clinical and microbiological methods.

Results. Clinical and microbiological analysis showed that biofilm formation was statistically higher on the reused IHAs compared to the new ones.

Conclusions. The practice of administration of the reused healing abutments between patients should be reconsidered.


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